A dual algorithm, PoW secured blockchain designed for low cost and user-friendly asset tokenization and management.

You can mine the ecosystem coin Avian (AVN), on twice as many devices!

GPU + CPU minable

50/50 blocks

X16RT + Minotaur algorithms


  • Block reward of 2,500 AVN
  • 30-second block time
  • 5% block rewards to dev fund
  • 21 billion total supply
  • No pre-mine 
Coin supply allocation;
PoW allocation ≈50% & nodes, airdrop and DEX liquidity
≈50% (coming soon)

The dual algorithm enables more decentralization and accessibility across the board.

Features Coming Soon.

Avian Flight Plans

Flight Plans are our ‘smart contracts’. Users of the network can create assets and decide their purpose and rules independent of the protocol. Flight Plans allow the users to design their protocol according to their needs, allowing further control over assets.

Decentralized Exchange

Avian Network aims to be the hub for NFTs and provide not only the best user experience but also the best management & functionality tools for cross-network NFTs. For this, we need to create a home for easy asset exchange.

NFT Marketplace

Here you’ll not only be able to list your tokens and view other current token listings, upcoming projects, top trending projects/creators, and much more.  Beyond the basics it will be packed with features like auctions, fractional ownership, minting within collections, and more!

Transferable Categorical Nodes

Incentivizing nodes will help decentralize the network, increase security and provide network and price stability. Furthermore, categorical nodes with no incremental yield incentives promote fair accessibility and transferability builds long-term equity. 

Avian DAO

Large scale minting schedule for NFTs that act as avatars, gives members the ability to take part in the governance of the Avian Network and receive other benefits like various network fee discounts on transactions and mass token minting, airdrops, and future events/convention benefits. 

Token Functions

Making assets from other networks compatible and manageable on Avian. This opens a whole new world for collaboration and options for projects looking for better tools to manage their NFTs and communities.