Doomstriker LEMC ia nastere in Italia, in anul 2013.
Este un Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, care isi propune sa aduca un echilibru in comunitatile moto.
Doomstriker LEMC Romania, ia fiinta la inceputul anului 2020, prin primul sau chapter inaugurat in Muntenia.
Din acest LEMC fac parte actuali sau fosti lucratori din Politie, Armata, Forte Speciale, Aviatie, etc , cat si civili care sunt in asentimentul clubului si iubesc motociclismul.
Doomstriker LEMC este prietenul tuturor motociclistilor si isi doreste sa adune in preajma sa oameni de calitate, pasionati si onesti.


Doomstriker LEMC was first founded in Italy, in 2013.
It is a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club which wants to bring back balance in the moto communities.
Doomstriker LEMC Romania, was founded at the beginning of 2020, by opening its first Chapter of Muntenia.
The members are ex and actual Police, Army, Special Ops, Aviation etc and civilians which value the same things and have a passion for motorcycles.
Doomstriker LEMC is everybody`s friend and wants to keep by its side all the honest and quality riders.